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Jul 30, 2012 5:00am EDT
on to the customers. >>> call it a special delivery. new york mother gave birth to twin boys on two separate highways. give it to his moth, people. >> they couldn't wait for mom and dad to get to the hospital. they were on their way to the hospital saturday morning and then had to pull over because mom went into labor. dad called 911 and mom gave birth on a stretcher on the side of the road. the paramedics packed mom and baby into the ambulance. apparently they had to stop again though. mom gave birth to her second son. both boys were six pounds. the boys and parents are doing just fine this morning. apparently when they started on the second half of that trip, they still had about ten miles or so to go before they were going to get to the hospital. that's a long way to go when you already had one kid. >> i guess they wanted to go to the hospital just in case they could make it. it's always a better situation. but i tell you, those babies always look for peaceful when they're newborn. >> never know what a show it was to get there. right? >> congratulations. very cool. >>> 5:57. ahead at 6:00, a massi
Jul 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
. this was during the rangers/twins game last night in texas. top of the fourth inning. all of a sudden, they hear a loud crack and the players run off the field, umps too. cameras even went black for a moment during that game. rangers officials said the lightning struck north of the stadium -- not hit the facility. texas won that game following a 46-minute delay, while the players got their nerves back together. >> i know. it sure rattled some. it shook the whole stadium, did you see that? >> yes, that's the smart thing to do, get out of there. let's go to tom kierein now, talk about what we can expect today, tom. >> that was a balk. did you see that? the pitcher balked. >> definitely. >> should have given him a base. there's a live view we just saw over the jefferson memorial. thankfully, things have settled down this morning after some overnight downpours and thunder and lightning. a lot of that is now on the eastern shore. they're getting some of that heavy rain, thunder and lightning, but around the metro area, thankfully, a lot of lightning has stopped, and so has the rain right around washi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2